Psoriasis Support app

Psoriasis can impact you both physically and emotionally. Use our support app to help keep track not only of your symptoms, but also of your progress. Use it to take photos of your skin, to share and discuss with your doctor on how you can better deal with psoriasis and improve your quality of life. 

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Psoriasis Support app

Keeping track

Psoriasis Support app

Keeping track of your symptoms and progress has never been easier

The app allows you to quickly and easily record the severity of your psoriasis symptoms, the impact they are having on your daily life & activities, as well as the progress you are making.

The different aspects of psoriasis (including itching, scaling and redness) are monitored. This information is then plotted on to simple graphs, that can be used along with photos to show the progress you are making over time.

Learn more about tips on how to feel confident, deal with your condition and improve your lifestyle.

Key features include:

  • Score your psoriasis symptoms in terms of their severity, and measure the impact it is having on your daily life
  • Take and store photos of your psoriasis
  • Save and print simple graphs showing the progress you have made over time
  • Remember to record your symptoms with weekly alerts
  • Learn and download tips on wellness, improving your lifestyle and things you can do to feel confident!



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